Schlock vol2 iss27

This week Randolph Carter visits a fellow visitor to the lands of dream, the more sedentary King Kuranes, who tells him what he knows of the marvellous sunset city hidden by the gods.

In Dawn Napier's Dear Diary we see a new take on the zombie apocalypse, while in Part Four of Dominion Zak Dawson's hero discovers the downside of being a vampire. Dang hot-rodding kids encounter the cactus monsters in the second part of Gregory Bryant's Attack of the Cactus People! While in Ayame's Love Anzo's rivalry with Anton reaches new heights. There's also another story from Rob Bliss, in which the corvidae give us their own view of humanity; the narrator of Erik Hofstatter's Broken Glass is haunted by memories of blood and horror, and in The Blood Eagle Ingunn the Red seeks a gory revenge. Meanwhile, Varney visits the dungeon of the lonely prisoner in the ruins and Felix reaches Thyma Castle and the beautiful Aurora.