Schlock vol3 iss5

This week we gain further insight into Randolph Carter's disappearance from the fields we know.

We also have a return from American writer Dawn Napier, with a story about a haunted daycare centre. Dawn is the author of Nameless, a novel that describes Sharon Ross' journeys beyond space and time, which is available from the Schlock Contributors' Store, elsewhere in the webzine. Craig Stewart is a new contributor to Schlock!; his offering, The Tempting of Mr D, concerns the girl who knew Death. There's another story by Joseph J Wood, Demonstration, about Dr Rousillon and his popular mobile parasite zoo franchise.

Ayame's Love, which can be downloaded and read in its entirety via the aforementioned Schlock Contributors' Store, reaches its twenty third episode, in which Anton wallows in having nothing to do - lucky him! Rob Bliss is scaring the horses with an uncanonical insight into Jesus' childhood, and in The Initiation of Lantos, the dreamer is awaking. Varney and After London continue unabated.

(Note: The text on Amazon reads "Australian writer Dawn Napier". This has been corrected on this site.)