I'm a thirty-something married mother of three. I've been writing stories for most of my life, and in the past year I've been using the Internet to try and brand myself. I've had short stories published by Schlock! Horror, The Absent Willow Review, and Dark River Press. I also have a fiction blog on Convozine entitled Mom's Secret Horrors. My genres of choice are horror and fantasy, but I also dabble in science fiction and slice-of-life.
"Nameless" is my first self-published book. It sneaked up on me one afternoon when I was trying to get a little girl to take a nap. I decided to pass the time with a little writing exercise; I would simply describe the child and my surroundings. A couple of pages later, I realized that I had never named the child. I wondered, "Could I write an entire story without ever giving the main character a name?"
I have a deep and abiding interest in religion and mythology, and these two theme appear over and over again in my fantasy. My horror tends to be about things ending, people dying, and the world changing for the darker. I like to say that my horror describes the world as I see it, and my fantasy describes the world as I would like it to be.