Alicia and her closest friend, Sharice, are at loose ends. They are weary of constant fighting and constant moving around. When a moment's intuition leads them to the discovery of a magical grimoire, Sharice leaps at the chance to help another human and give their lives a new purpose. Setting off on a search to find the owner of the journal, a young witch who has been kept prisoner by her evil master, their journey begins. Raven was once an impetuous young girl with more power than she knew how to handle. Now she is wiser but no older—Master Jackal has imprisoned her body and soul, and she can neither age nor die. She longs desperately for freedom or death—she hardly cares which—and when the most dangerous and beautiful creature to ever walk the earth begins to stalk her, she isn't sure if she ought to be frightened or relieved. With the end of the world having only begun, Jackal, a man much more than a human wizard works to bend the world to his whim. As things draw to a close, Alicia and Raven are destined to meet in a confrontation with all of the wonders and nightmares mankind has ever experienced.