Website overhaul

Hello dear readers. Dawn's Dark Treasures (DDT) website is in the process of an large update. I've written the original on a Windows machine with MySQL and I've moved on to Linux and had no easy way of maintaining the website. The new site is built on a purchased template using the Drupal content management system (CMS).

The rebuild is mainly going well. Sometimes it is very frustrating as I'm learning how to deal with a pre-built site and learning to use Drupal. I'd be more comfortable writing the site from scratch and by hand, but then again the end result wouldn't be this dynamic, responsive, and clean.

Once the site is ready, I'll give my wife an account. She's the author and this is her site. This is most likely the last time you'll hear from me, the admin. I'll be working silently in the background overseeing the health and content of the site. I hope you enjoy the fruits of many nights of frustration.

William D. Napier (admin)