Schlock vol4 iss1

In this edition we have some real old time classics and some fresh-off-the-virtual-press classics-in-the making.

In Lovecraftiana, we learn the horrific (and classic) story of The Outsider. We also have another tale from Raymond Duchene The Abduction (the definite article takes a starring role in this latest edition).

Then there's the gory story of The Butcher by Schlock! newcomer Michael Elliott. James Rhodes, a stalwart of the zine, provides the lasts intallment of The Days of Mr Thomas. Then there's a welcome return from *horror writer Dawn Napier with Into The Dark. Rob Bliss' Daniel's Dream may lack the aforementioned grammatical term but it lacks nothing in dreamy weirdness. The same could be said for the tenth episode of Hilltop Manor by Nathan JDL Rowark (still accepting submissions for his anthologies, as I understand it).

Finally we have two sci-fi classics: as well as Verne's on-going tale of subterranean adventure, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which reaches its fourteenth chapter, we also have the first chapter of HG Wells' lunar exploration epic, First Men In The Moon, a book I've only read in parts, in a family heirloom, a bound copy of The Strand Magazine from Jan to June 1901 (it missed the first few chapters, which were published the previous year, so some of it will be new to me hope you enjoy as much as I intend to!)

(*Amazon's blurb says "...welcome return from Ozzy horror writer Dawn Napier..." This has been corrected. I can only assume that it another term meaning Australian. Another Schlock entry called Dawn Australian. That has been corrected to American. I'm not sure why Schlock thinks this. I'm guessing they received bad information.)